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The Friendly Paw Philosophy

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Providing the best unmatched care for your pets means comfort, safety, and confidence are held as the top priority during each appointment. At Friendly Paws, we believe each dog deserves undivided attention and care. Each dog is groomed start to finish from the moment the get on the table. We are all inclusive which means we only carry the highest quality products, tools, and treatments at no additional cost to you.

All Friendly Paws dogs should come on a regular 2,4,6, or 8 week schedule. Having a dog who is groomed regularly is essential for keeping the process calm and safe and we do not believe in putting pets through a process that is stressful and uncomfortable for them.

We are in this profession because our love for animals is deep and true. It's incredibly important for us to be able to bond and connect with your pets so that your dog feels loved and safe during their time with us. 

Meet Sarah

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Sarah Devlin, owner and head stylist of The Friendly Paws Grooming Shop, had her mindset on becoming a professional pet stylist at a young age. Her passion to continue to learn and improve as a stylist continues to grow after recently beginning her competitive career and becoming a member of the Illinois IJA Traveling State Grooming Team. She applies her knowledge as a certified canine esthetician to evaluate each pet's skin needs and choose the best products to use.  She's trained under expert National Certified Master Groomers and is working towards her own title. Her dedication to learning as much as she can is fueled by her commitment to bringing expert skill and well-informed practices into her craft so your dogs have the best possible experience during their spa day.

Sarah is well trained and skilled in all types of styling including hand stripping, hand scissoring, breed profile/standard grooming, and unique personality trims.

Sarah graduated from a Grooming Academy in 2012, she is CPR certified and a certified Canine Esthetician.

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